About me

I am Aleksandra (Ola) Fluda - a young artist from Poland living in Portugal. I am a painter and a lover of mix-media art techniques.

Painting makes me happy, so I paint as often and as much as I can by using different techniques, specially by using acrylic and watercolor.
I love the color blue, watching the ocean, listening to jazz, dancing and playing folk music. I dream about illustrating books and visiting Italy.
I also love to create and to share art with different people.

I took part on several art projects and exhibitions in Poland. I studied art at the Faculty of Art of the University of Rzeszów and i made 1 year of Erasmus at Escola Superior de Educação do Porto.
On my creative process I work using tradicional techniques like crayons, ink, watercolor and acrylic that i can also combine with design and image softwares like Illustrator and Photoshop.

I can create a drawing, an illustration, a collage or a painting specially for you.
If you want to work with me or buy my works you just have to contact me.


More works coming soon
Baloons , Collage on Canvas
Porto , Collage on Canvas
Dog , Collage on Canvas
Jump , Collage on Canvas
Miss, Ribeira, Miss Ribeira, Porto , Collage on Canvas
Looking , Collage on Canvas
Untitled , Collage on Canvas
Princess , Collage on Canvas
Blue Story , Acrylic on Canvas
Ocean , Acrylic on Canvas
On the Way Home , Acrylic on Canvas
Landscape Story , Acrylic on Canvas
Pink Landscape, Watercolor on Canvas
Sketchbook, Page
Sketchbook, Page
Sketchbook, Page
Sketchbook, Page
Azulejos, digital media
Pink Love, Digital media
Porto door, porto, door, digital media
Blue ocean, digital media
Blue ocean 2, digital media
Home, digital media
Piano, digital media


I will be sharing my exhibitions and workshops with you

Exhibition at Gato Vadio

Exhibition , Collage , Gato Vadio
Friday 20th of April to Sunday 31st of May. 2018

"Colagens de sonhos" is my collage project that I am developing since February 2017. I created it because I love to build and make stories while I am working on the canvas. I was inspired by dreams, music, colors and the simple elements of the daily life that inspire my mind. Creating these works is a form of traveling between places, time and stories. I want to leave the viewers a space for open interpretation while they are watching the works. In this project I used elements from magazines, acrylic and ink paints. On this exhibition I am presenting a relevant selection from this project.

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Collage Workshop at Casa Bô

Exhibition , Collage , Gato Vadio
Saturday 5th of May - 17:00. 2018

Collage is an art technique, where the artworks are made with different materials such as paper, crayons, paints,... On this workshop we will work over the canvas, we will connect different paper elements and paint to find new contexts of reality. We are going to create unique stories. At the workshop you will make a collage on canvas, that you can later hang on a wall or gift to someone. You can also make some works on paper if you want.

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Contact me

Contact me if you want to buy the works that are available here.

If you want something different i can create just for you:
- a painting in 70 x 100 cms, 50 x 70 cms, 30 x 40 cms, 20 x 20 cms using acrylic or mix media technique;
- an unique collage or illustration for you or to gift to someone;
- an illustration for your book or website;
- a poster;
- or just challenge me with your artistic request;

Please contact me on: